Thanks for meeting us and taking the time to explain the care of our new baby.  Our kids haven’t stopped talking about getting her since I told them about her. 
– Karen L., Carson City, NV

WE LOVE OUR LITTLE BABY!  He has been so much fun to watch and  care for.  Thanks again.
– Maria G., Sacramento, CA

You met us last year at the Action Sports and we got 3 babies from you.  They are all doing great and getting big.  Please let us know when you have more.  A lot of our friends want one.
– Jason P., Bakersfield, CA

Thanks again for the Sulcata.  Tank fits in great with all of our pets, especially our bearded dragon.
– Jennifer H., Bakersfield, CA

Our baby arrived safe and sound.  Thanks again for all your help.
– Courtney W., Covington, LA